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Making animal feed pellets by different mothed using feed pellet mill
- 2018-08-10 -

When we say poultry and livestock feed, it’s not mean only chicken or pig. You can make feeds for others such as turkey, duck, geese, cow etc.The greatest cost component of poultry production business is the feed. So how to make suitable feed by yourself ,that will help a poultry farmer save much cost .

Rice straw, sweet potato vine, grass, hay, vegetables, straw, etc. must be cut to short pieces before feed to livestock. The straw for cattle should be cut into 2-3 cm, the vegetables for pigs should be cut into 1-2 cm, and the sweet potato vine should be made into 1 cm or so. In general, it is better to cut to short and not long.that is good for animal digestion.

For cereal,grain, sweet potato and cassava as feed must be crushed and re fed to help digestion. The degree of pulverization should be determined according to the livestock and poultry. Pig and cattle feed can be crushed into medium or coarser particles of 1~2 millimeter; chicken feed should be grinded ti grain powder. Sweet potato and cassava can be cut into slices and dried then crushed.hammer mill will do perfect grinding job ,it can grind Various kinds of raw materials , such as wheat, maize, rice, soybean, groundnut, millet or other solid materials such as bone, dry meat and so on.Final size of materials can be controlled by inserting a screen with different sized holes

For long time storage,silage will be a good choice. The silage was stored in various cellars, ponds and will fermentunder anaerobic conditions to produce lactic acid. It can guarantee the nutrients in the green feed and improve the utilization and digestibility of the green fodder. it is adjust the green feed season and the off-season surplus and shortage.

For feed pellet processing by yourself ,it can improve work efficiency, reduce feeding costs and increase profits for users. It can not only press feed pellet for cattle and sheep, but also process feed pellets for pigs, chickens and ducks etc. When making feed pellets by you own, you can add different materials according to different needs of animals, so as to ensure the comprehensive nutrition of livestock and poultry. Feeding pellet feed can increase animal intake and avoid animals picky food, which is conducive to digestion and absorption. It can shorten the growth period of animals, Easy to transport and can be  saved for half a year.

For small farmers,compared to the purchase feed pellet on the market, it’s a good choice to buy a feed pellet machine, the cost is not high but also produce their own feed pellet according to the specific circumstances of the animals.